Logistics Related Text on a Yellow map of the worldThe reason so many companies outsource their logistics with Single Point is because there are so many unknowns when trying to transport products themselves. With regulatory issues, insurance requirements, and legal liabilities, it makes no sense for a company to transport their own freight on company owned trucks. Let Single Point do the heavy lifting to ensure your freight is transported safely and on time.

Logistics is both an art and a science which requires both analytics and experience combined. Single Point Logistics has a combination of both of these attributes in order to service our clients and provide them with industry leading outsourced logistics solutions. Our software gives Single Point the competitive edge to move your freight in the most efficient and cost effective ways, while our personnel have the experience to get the job done right, every time.

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Over The Road

You can choose from a variety of platforms to service your freight. Single Point offers long haul services using dray van, flatbed, and (LTL) less than truckload services.

  • Dry Van services available for all 48 states including Canada.
  • LTL services will simplify your truckload services with expert care.
  • Flatbed services offered in continental United States and Canada.
  • Ask our logistics experts about our transborder solutions to Mexico.
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Intermodal & Rail

When you need a mix of modes of transportation, Single Point can provide access to steamship lines, trains, drayage services, along with LTL and truckload capacities. You can improve your supply chain by simplifying the delivery thru the Single Point one stop solution.

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Project Logistics

Our customers can expect a customized plan for their unique projects.  We pride ourselves in building your plan around a practical, but comprehensive solution.  You can expect to receive expert support from professionals with deep experience in worldwide logistics.  We are committed to quality with a long term view of the client’s needs.

The plan consist of a comprehensive pre-shipment evaluation that includes clearly stated deliverables such as routes, port surveys, packaging of components, document requirements, and multiple shipping options.

Every project is coordinated by an assigned manager who will oversee the entire move.  We pay close attention to details which gives you comfort in meeting your contractual obligations, mitigating risk, and reducing costs and unnecessary delays.  You can count on Single Point for simple jobs to the most complex.

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Our proprietary Transportation Management Software allows our customers to quote, track, and trace their shipments all across the United States. Today’s logistics challenges can be resolved by using sophisticated technologies which do all the heavy lifting. Single Point’s TMS systems have been proven over the years to provide accurate quotes and easy decision making tools which allow you to run your business more efficiently.

Every Mode Of Transport At A Shipping Port

Custom Shipping Solutions

Sometimes our customers require multiple modes of transportation, warehousing, and even packaging solutions for their distribution needs. Single Point has the aligned partnerships and industry experience to customize unique logistics needs for your business. No matter the freight, challenges, timelines, or destinations, Single Point can tailor our services to meet the high demands of your customers.

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